AB Texel Feed België

Otteca 24
8780 Oostrozebeke

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AB Texel Feed België

AB Texel België is specialised in feed transport in Belgium and France. The company is based in Oostrozebeke in West Flanders, close to the French border. This strategic location enables the company to provide great service to both countries. 

You can turn to AB Texel Feed België for services such as the delivery of raw materials and the collection of finished products for transport to livestock farms. All our drivers are specially trained in feed transport, and are familiar with the ins and outs of farms. 

AB Texel Feed België offers 24/7 service, with short lines to ensure fast communication. Our management, planning and administration are located at the same site in Oostrozebeke, so you're always able to speak to the right person immediately. 

Would you like to know how AB Texel Feed België can help you? Director Tom De Lange will be happy to tell you more.

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Director - AB Texel France, AB Texel België, AB Texel Feed België & AB Texel Zuivel België

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